You’ve been warned.

Before I start to give any background of myself  I need to give some disclaimers. First off, I’m writing this mostly for me. I’m not sure anyone is going to read it, let alone enjoy it. Most people will view it, and me, as possibly pathetic. Again, I’m doing this more for me.

This is my point of view. Once you learn about me you’ll realize I am very logical in approach, I consider all facts, signs and information before making my judgement. I’d like to say my point of view is very inline with the reality of everything that happened. But of course, at the end of the day it is an opinion no less.

This is entirely about a woman who turned my world on its head. I think most of us have been there to some degree.  I’d venture to say most of us have experienced heartbreak before. Most of us move on, it is never easy, some take longer than others. Then there are some that hold on.

So why read my blog that is largely disorganized, poorly constructed and borderline pathetic? Well, maybe I’m trying to present my case, get some people on my side as to why being apart makes absolutely no sense and seem a little less pathetic. So maybe we can all see that sometimes, even when there is no reason for it, life is truly not fair. And it may never right itself. Maybe someone will learn one tiny thing from me, and that will make it worth it to me. And maybe I secretly hope that woman, who I adore, will see this one day.

Bear with me, its going to be a slow process as I attempt to organize the mess that is my brain and heart to produce something comprehensive.

So gather around, or don’t. Listen to a long, confusing story of an Astronaut and his star. Even if you don’t read it, well, I had to write it.


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